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What is CIC-Network

CIC-Network aims to disrupt the cryptotrading industry by lowering the barrier
to creating algorithmic trading models.

We built to protect platform risk activities on the blockchain Industry

CIC Network is a decentralized Crypto Digital Asset platform that is globally accessible and globally accessible as a future choice for Financial Technology with low cost from peer to peer, fast transactions, reliable security and innovation.

CIC-Network is the first protection block chain in the world of risk protection platform, which is an open source-based Ethernet Square wisdom contract block chain application platform, with decentralized, safe and reliable , Non-tamperable characteristics, and at the same time have the consistency and mandatory of smart contracts. On the cloud protection chain.

What is Crypto?
Core Values

Mission & Vision

More than $40 million in assets were placed under restraint pending forfeiture, and more than 30
Liberty Reserve exchanger domain names were seized.


Wee offers a portfolio of blockchain-based AI Assistants for businesses and consumers to provide automated services and transactions. Easier, cheaper and faster.



With the emergence of the blockchain, the broken loyalty industry is bound to change. We are big believers that smart contracts and cryptocurrency are the core engine and fuel for the new era of customer’s loyalty. Ethereum allows implementing an elegant technical solution.


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Pre-Sale & Values


On-Chain Liquidity Provider for Everyone

CIC Network Token Sales ends in
1 CIC = 0.2USD
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  • Symbol: CIC
  • Public PRE-ITS starts 10 June
  • Public ITS ends 30 July
  • Type: ERC20
  • Acceptable currencies ETH, BTC, and LTC
  • Number of tokens for sale/bonus 850,000 CIC

Mobile App

A cryptocurrency wallet stores the public and private keys which can be used to receive or spend
the cryptocurrency. A wallet can contain multiple public and private key pairs.

Android & ios app

Mobile App is a full-featured CIC wallet and P2P client, including Instant transaction (Trade/Invest), governance and masternode management features. It keeps a full copy of the blockchain and offers an RPC console. The Android Wallet supports advanced features and including mining. You can scan and display QR codes for quick transfers, backup and restore your wallet, trade, keep an address book, pay with NFC, sweep paper wallets and more.

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  • CIC exchange and Trading
  • CIC Mining
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November 2020
CIC -Network
Platform idea
December 2020
Technical & strategy
January 2021
smart contracts
March 2021
(Pre-sales and Bonus)
June 2021
Private sales
Live Now
August 2021
Software development kit
for integrations
September 2021
Mobile apps for
iOS & Android
October 2021
Updated future
About coin


Decentralized cryptocurrency is produced by the entire cryptocurrency system collectively
at a rate which is defined when the system is created and which is publicly known. CIC Network processes DID verification, aggregation, and computation requests from a service demander and returns a trustable result. The process will be implemented by a random set of validators in the network in a fully decentralized and transparent way.

Coin Image

CIC Network

CIC Network is a blockchain-based financial protocol enabling digital credit issuance and borderless asset transfer for businesses using a smart contract system. The Digital Reserve System will algorithmically rebalance the CIC token Collateral Pools backing the issued digital credit to maintain a 1:1 value link between the digital credit and the original fiat deposit.

CIC Network Teams’ mission is to build a Federated Credit Exchange Network by connecting the legacy finance industries CeFi and DeFi, positioning CIC Network Teams as one of few blockchain projects with a clear path towards mass adoption. CIC tokens can be stored in any wallet compatible with Ethereum-based assets.

Token stats

Token Distribution



The name of the token issued by CIC-Network, with a total issuance of 3 billion, and will never be issued. Specific points The allocation plan is as follows:

Symbol: CIC

Type: ERC20

Token Sales/Rewards: 43%



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